A picture is worth a thousand inspirations


This weekend I was visiting my nieces out in Glenview, they live in a beautiful area of town and on Sunday I took an early 3 mile run. During my pace walks I saw just gorgeous visuals as I moved along and snapped up as many as I could. We all know about inspiration quotes or inspirpics (Inspiration Pictures) or infopics. You can read about them over on Tony Vincent’s website Learning in Hand Infopics. I’ve been into inspiration quotes for a few years now using App such as Pic Collage, Over, Phonto, FrontBack, Keynote, Thinglink, PowerPoint, Google Docs and more. However, as the old saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In my case I believe that a picture is worth a thousand inspirations. Over the last few weeks I have been creating various lessons you can do with your students by going outside. From kites to Pac-man, I’ve really wanted classrooms to get outside their usual four walls as the weather has started to turn warmer and more inspiring.
This lesson is pretty simple, go outside, use whatever mobile device you have and take pictures that just take your breath away. Then see what comes to your mind, what does the picture make you think of? How does it make you feel? When you can, put that inspiration on the picture and keep on going. You might find yourself thinking of one inspiration or dozens. When you have finished them, put them together using Book Creator, Google Drive, Adobe Slate, Adobe Voice, what comes to your mind and make a inspiration book digitally. You can make it into a slide show or movie, the sky is the limit.


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