I move to the beat of my own words

Hello Everyone,

You know I just love it when my favorite App, Stick Around ends up being used in a way I didn’t expect. Last night I was at a conference with Karen Carter and she was talking about moving towards your own digital experience before long I was thinking about my dissertation which I will be writing soon. I am using Stick Around in my research starting this fall and one of my 1st graders was pretending to the be the Flash this morning. I asked him if he ever thought about the words that describe him moving as he ran. He said he would love that. Well, it just so happens a friend of mine is using a GoPro Camera for their track runners along with some image inserts with Explain Everything and it just hit me for a Get Outside Edu lesson.

1. First have students create a puzzle about what words describe them as they move in their outside activities. Such as: spirit, enjoyment, goals, running, ect. Make sure you do screen capture shots of the stickers to your camera roll.

2. Get outside, film students running, doing hurdles, soccer, etc and film their activities.

3. Import the footage into Explain Everything and then as you work through the filmed footage. Have students insert the stickers into their actions like a bubble pop-up video. Students can also add in shapes and sketch notes about their actions in the video.

4. Finally add in a music theme and export the final film.

Now, you have your final Movement to your Own Words video. Give it a try today.


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