Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign


Happy Monday everyone, I have a simple and elegant Get Outside Edu for you my buddy Andy Milne was by his local park when he saw the above sign. I immediately came up with a great lesson that my 3rd graders are planning on using soon. Their teacher is a big believer in getting outside and sports and wanted to create a project on making up signs to get children and adults outside more. I threw a little bit of tech that they can share on their blogs or the classroom blog using either Adobe Slate, Adobe Voice, Explain Everything, Google Slides or Keynote.

1. Have students create a main sign, they can do this from creating it classically with crafts or they can create it using a host of free Apps such as: Google Draw, Pic Collage, Paper by 53 or as mentioned above, Explain Everything.

2. Have the students take a picture and do any final edits or cropping in either the camera roll or sister Apps. If you have used Explain Everything, have students create a screen cast of the sign in action and what it means. An example using the sign above would have it be animated of the characters jumping off of the log and performing other exercises or outdoor activities. Such as bike riding, walking, ect.

3. Using Adobe Slate students can create a full info graph of the joys of not staying inside and going out and do various activities or what the benefits can be. You can turn this around in Adobe Voice and have them record a movie about the jobs of going outside. Remember, if you do not have an Adobe account created or the students like mine don’t have an email. Make sure you create one using either a teacher sign in or classroom email account.

4. If you want to make a classic Powerpoint do so in Keynote but then upload it as a final Powerpoint for Google Slides and then embed it on the classroom blog or website. This way it will continue to update if any changes are made to it and can be downloaded in any format on a any device.

Get those signs out and start getting outside.


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