Will Not, Cannot Give Up on Small Hope

Book Cover
Book Cover

After almost five days, Small Hope received two new backers pushing us to the $500 mark. Leaving only $2,000 left before May 2nd to have the funds possible for publishing the children’s book. I am so thankful for the advice and new backers who told me not to give up. Trust me, I was feeling very low but I wasn’t going to pull the plug by any means. Something I have learned the last few years is when it looks grim, you have to ask for help. I received some wonderful advice from fellow backers and of course my wonderful mother. Something that is funny about doing a Kickstarter or any type of crowdfunding is that people see the projects and think the person who created it is: “Poor me!” “Give me money!” That’s not the case, trust me I have seen many crowdfunding projects where that seemed to be the case and yet met funding in no time flat. It doesn’t matter if they only have 100 followers on twitter or that main backers were mostly family and friends. Somehow when someone creates something that captures a person’s interest, somehow $12K or even a low $200 can be funded in no time flat. Sometimes its how its presented and sometimes its just timing but many times other projects get lost or don’t make funding even though they are amazing projects from books to technology. After a project fails or looks like it is, many people pull the plug and quite and even a few people emailed me saying I should do that and save face. What’s very funny is that Small Hope is one of those stories that I can’t give up on. Much like My Life as a Comic Book Reader was written during a very difficult time as many of you know. It was created during the time my ex-girlfriend left me, telling me reading comics was pathetic and left me with over $8K in debt. What was really sad was I almost believed her when I went through my collection at the time and the story ended up writing itself right there and then.
Now, I can look back and see how I grew from that dark time in my life seeing the book out in the world and being enjoyed by so many others. Having readers tell me that My Life as a Comic Book Reader is so inspiring to them. Small Hope was written a few months after My Life when my guinea pig, S’more was stricken ill and died that night. I was so heart broken that I typed out a story on what he meant to me and how it felt like I was being kicked while I was down because not even a month prior to that, I lost my job and had to return to a previous job that I had left a year earlier. However, if I wouldn’t have returned to my old job, I would have not met my wife and have the family I have now. Things do happen for a reason we just can’t see it. Where I am now wouldn’t have been possible if I wouldn’t have lost my job in 2010 because it set me up to come to my current position that I love so much. Helping me find my passion for teaching and creating like I do now. I believe the same happened with Small Hope.
I don’t write my stories thinking I’m going to get rich and I don’t write them because I think they are better than anyone else’s. Why I write them is because there is a story to tell and one that I believe others will love and enjoy and find inspiration from just like with My Life as a Comic Book Reader and hopefully next year with Dice UP the Classroom (no kickstarted needed for that). When crowdfunding campaigns like this lose so much momentum after a few days of great backers and promotions. Only 20% succeed. Those are the numbers and they say the numbers don’t lie. I don’t think they lie either but something I will not accept is giving up on Small Hope. I have a long road ahead of me and tons and I do mean tons of things happening in my life right up until May 2nd. However, I will not stop promoting, I will not stop sharing and I will not, cannot give up on Small Hope.

Please help Small Hope become published. Because if I’ve learned anything when you have the smallest bit of hope, anything is possible.


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