Our House on the Edge of the Sphero

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 7.59.47 AM

Do you ever wonder why a street you pass is called an avenue instead of a trail? Have you played Google Maps Pac-Man during April Fools this year? Do you love drawing on the sidewalk with chalk? If you have answered: “yes” to any of these questions, do I have a Get Outside EDU project for you.

1. Have your students track the streets they pass when they arrive or leave school. Have them write down the name of the roads.

2. Have students do some research on their street names. Most will find out that avenues get their names because avenues are traditionally a straight road with a line of trees or shrubs running along each side, which emphasize arrival at a landscape or architectural feature. A lane is a narrow road or street usually lacking a shoulder or a median.

3. From there have students do a Google or Apple Maps search and have them see the layout of their streets and take a snap shot of them.

4. Assemble the snapshots into a type of large jigsaw puzzle. I find using Pic Collage or PicPlayPost as great Apps to use for this assembly. They will create a type of maze as a result.

5. Have students go outside and create the maze on sidewalk and then get out your Sphero or related drone or bots. Ok, now using your device have the Sphero move through the maze trying to avoid being caught or attacked by another Sphero or drones. The object is to use strategy to escape the maze.

This teaches: coding, research, strategy and gamification. Give it a try today and get outside.


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