Let’s Fly a Kite

Happy Windy Wednesday Everyone,

Well, its a bit windy where I am today and yes even rainy but you know what? The Sun will Come out Tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar tomorrow. No, I’m not about to do a project involving some of Broadway and Disney’s biggest hit musicals. Nope, today I’m pulling out Math Learning Center’s Bridges Math Apps and getting getting out the scissors and the string and ready to fly a kite. When I first came to my school, one of the high school math teachers loved having her students during the spring build quadrilateral kites. Each year, she challenged her students to build stranger and more geometric kites. Then I came in and started using the iPad and Google Drawing to have students start modeling their designs digitally and then creating their kites. She left two years ago and the kites went back to the garage since then With the weather turning sunnier and the wind blowing gently, I thought it would be a great time to bring back our tradition. Here is how you can do it.

1. Get your kite design lessons first, there are tons out there and I have several under my Teach Like a Pirate Pinterest Board.

2. Next head over to Math Learning Center Apps and use their set of free Apps. What I love about them is that they are all free and they work on everything from iPad to Web. I chose GeoBoard and Pattern Shapes to get the awesome designs together. If you prefer, Google Drawing or Pic Monkey are also great choices.

3. Start designing your kites using the Apps, be creative but also remember your kites have to be able to catch the wind and soar.

4. Create your kites out of the needed materials and then head outside to fly them.

5. A step I love to add that my former coworker loved doing was measuring how high and how long the kites would fly. You can take average times and use a timer and use an elevation App to measure the height of the kite.

6. Put it all together on a spreadsheet or Google Doc then share it with the class. Everyone can provide feedback digitally about the results and what you might want to change or add the next time.

7. Have fun, this is a great creativity project that any student or teacher can enjoy.

See you in the sky!


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