Get Outside EDU

Hello Everyone,

The weather outside has changed from cold and cloudy to warm and sunny (depending on where you are in the world). Starting today, I’m kicking off: Get Outside EDU, that’s right I am taking one of my favorite Hooks from Teach like a Pirate from Dave Burgess and a few pages from Learn Like a Pirate by Paul Solarz that were shared with me over break to create these wonderful lessons and projects. For the entire month of April, except for the 24-26th when I’m out of town, I’m going to take your classroom outside and yes, use Tech at the same time. How do I kick off this Spring Event?

sidewalkchalknotes1. Sketch Notes are fantastic, the visual creation by teachers and students with parts that stick out with them creates better thinking skills and reflection. Did you know you can do sketch notes outside with chalk? Did you know you can create an amazing set of notes on the sidewalk or on your school wall? Its true, I have a lesson on finishing up on the Solar System right now with my fourth graders. We took out the SkyWalk Apps and pointed it up on their iPads to see where the Stars and Planets were in conjunction with their location by the school. Then they took out their chalk and started creating their sketch notes on our Solar System. I even had one student put my book on it (this was random, I promise) because S’More flies by Jupiter at one point in the story. Students then started associating Jupiter with known history such as the comet pieces that smashed into it back in the 90s. A telescope saying that Galileo first discovered it and the space probe also from the 90s. We then went on to create various other “chalk notes” before finally taking pictures with the iPads. From there we assembled them in Pic College to create review notes on the Planets for the main test.
You can do this a set of ways, you can look at near by bushes/trees and use Leaf Snap to find out the various leaves and environments they thrive or don’t thrive in. You can create a sidewalk mural a math lesson and identifying shapes, equations and more and then piecing it together to create a Green Screen tutorial later. You don’t need Wi-fi, you just need to create.

2. For the second Get Outside EDU lesson for today, Adobe recently released Adobe Slate on iPad allowing you to take pictures and text and creating awesome webpage/infographs with them. Many of you know I have been getting back into running and have been taking pictures with my iPhone when I see something incredibly inspiriting. Have students do this too, have them run the track and if they see something, have them take their mobile device later and take a snapshot of it. Use Apps such as: Over, Pic Collage, Google Drawing, Google Docs, Frontback or PicPlayPost to create amazing Infographs or words of inspiration. Then put them together if you can with Adobe Slate to create awe inspirting webpages that will inspire anyone who reads them. Here is an example of one I did: Words of Inspiration

This is to get students and teachers outside the four walls of their classroom because if I’ve learned anything over the years, the most learning happens outside the physical classroom. It happens when you are out and about. Get Outside and start your EDU today.


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