Trying to create Big Hope from Small Hope

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Happy Friday Everyone,

As you can see, I’m talking about Small Hope again. I am nearing the end of the first week with Small Hope in a few days and if you been following the Kickstarter you can see I only have nine backers and only have made 4% of the needed funding goal. I will admit it is very discouraging, I remember when I first did My Life as a Comic Book Reader, I was having the same problem. The difference was, it jumped to almost double what Small Hope is now by the end of the fifth day before it trickled to only a few hundred before the campaign ended. Now, everyone knows that the second one was a complete success and I reached funding within a week and a half. Can that still happen for Small Hope? Oh sure, there are 27 days left, a lot happens in that time. In fact, I’m doing a lot of more behind the scenes interviews and promotions to get it funded. Many have asked me why I am doing Kickstarter again instead of just doing direct Amazon Createspace again. The biggest reason is because I need to pay my illustrator, Destiny. She has been so incredible and she is even doing some work for Dice UP the Classroom next year but over a quarter of the funding is going towards paying Destiny her salary for both Small Hope and for her small work on Dice UP the Classroom. The last part goes towards the publishing and distribution of Small Hope. Since this is a children’s book, I want it to be at a larger distribution in hard cover format for readers. Trust me, I know most people read on tablets these days and the PDF/eBook that is formatted is perfect from the Kindle to the iPad but a lot of teachers and parents do prefer a hard cover book in their hands still. Especially, in the library format. Those are costs I do not have the funds for and why I have gone this route.
Many people always tell me, Kickstarter depends on who you know and how deep their pockets are. That really isn’t a correct analogy. Many successful Kickstarters have worked because the either have a built in audience or it just catches their eye. I remember one book that was about a teddy bear that finds a classic cassette player and gets super powers. It was all pencil and ink illustrations and it turned into a popular project getting funds in less than 3 days. The goal? $5,000. A great kickstarter I backed known as: Neopole goes to Ice School (get this book by the way). It needed $12,000 and was written and illustrated by two teachers and it made funding in a full month. The main characters are various ice creams but the story is about going to a new school and knowing we are all the same. What a great moral. With Small Hope, I created the story of an alien visitor that is adopted by a family that has lost hope due to the death of the mother. Its about finding hope and rebuilding when it feels our world has shattered both literally and emotionally. It talks about adoption, love and rebuilding. You can’t say that isn’t something you want to teach children from PK-middle school. However, as shown in the last few days it isn’t on anyone’s radar.
It is very discouraging when you put in so much effort day in and day out but see no results but as I have stated several times on here, you can’t give up. I was just on a Skype interview with a university business class about how much work it goes into these types of marketing campaigns and if you give up right away, then you’ve doomed your project. I’ve got 27 days and there won’t be a day I won’t: tweet, share on Facebook, google+, Keek, Periscope, Meerkat, LinkedIn, Reddit, ect. I can’t give up on this because of what the story means to me. This was written in one night in June of 2008, everyone knows what was going on with me that year and this came from the heart. A story written about one of my guinea pigs that died that day who felt like my only friend who understood what I was going through during those months. I turned him into a hero who brought hope back to one little girl and her family. That’s a story I want others to read and be inspired about. That’s why I’m doing this kickstarter, not to just get the needed funds for publishing and paying my illustrator but because its a story that I want give to others around the world.


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