From Kickstarter to Teach like a Pirate

Greetings Everyone,

We now go from my Kickstarter book promotion to a Teach like a Pirate lesson. Outside of my book promotion, I have also been painting the ceilings in my house the last few days and as a result, I came up with some great Teach like a Pirate lessons along with some Tech like a Pirate lessons you can perform in the classroom from IOS to Google Apps.

IMG_15091. Have students do searches for Kickstarter projects that interest them and see where they are in funding by days and money. Have students create their own projections on if the project will get funded or more importantly what must be done for a project to succeed. Then have students do a search on recent projects that ended and see what ones were successful and what ones weren’t. Have students see if the creators of the campaigns had any other successes or failures. Then have students create a graph based on the projects with the creators to see their success rates and less successful rates. This teaches financial planning, marketing and history.

IMG_15132. Do a tweetroot on any hashtags associated with any current projects or current items like the Apple Watch coming out soon. Have students see the most tweeted words and have students create projects based on those words. With Small Hope, I bring up Mooper Films a lot since that is the website my wife and I use for our books and Epilepsy Awareness. Students could do research on Epilepsy, what causes it, treatments for it and foundations and organizations that are dedicated to finding a cure. You can also see that guinea pigs are mentioned in my tweetroot a lot. Students can create Stick Around Puzzles around Guinea Pigs living habits and diets. Or Students could create their own Teach like a Pirate hook lessons based on TLAP coming up too.

3. A final way is how do people spend time not marketing their Kickstarters? In my case, I was busy with painting and getting the house ready for the family coming over for Easter. Students can role play creating their own Kickstarters and how they would spend their time away from seeing if they are getting backers and not working on promotions? What if they have successfully reached their goals, maybe they want to just relax and make sure everything is in order for backers after their campaign ends? What if they are working in community theatre at the same time, how do they divide their time? Many ways to go with this.

Give it a try today.

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