Kicking it up with Small Hope


It has been twenty-four hours since launching Small Hope on Kickstarter and we are just making to the $200 mark. Which means we need another $2,300 to make goal. This is my fourth kickstarter and I have only had one fail before. The first was the Little Free Library for my neighborhood that stands proudly for readers of all kinds on my town block. The second one was for My Life as a Comic Book Reader, which was an autobiography on the times and problems I faced growing up. While it is one of my most proudest achievements, it didn’t succeed the first time. I was trying to get the book published late in 2014 and needed to raise $7,000 for a large book publisher to take it. That failed hugely but I did use the fail as: First Attempt in Learning. I learned that the timing of the book was bad (around Christmas) and I could do it on a much more smaller cost effective budget (Amazon Create Space). I tried again and made full funding within two weeks thanks to many of people here. Now, I’m doing the same with Small Hope. If you have seen the video, I wrote the story not long after I finished the basis for My Life as a Comic Book Reader and I wrote it in one night. It was shared as an original story on my old blog in 2008. It became the most viewed and commented blog post before the site was shut down later that fall. I had over five hundred views and over thirty comments. I have never had comments like that with any post since then.
Most people told me, I wrote the book from the heart, which I did. The story was based on my former guinea pig, S’more who passed away in June of 2008. This came in a year where I constantly took hits. My girlfriend had left me and left me with over $8,000 of debt, I had lost my job and had to return to my a former position at a much lower pay. I was also going through a lot of emotional problems at the time. The creation of stories like My Life and Small Hope really shined a light through those dark days and at the end of 2008, I met my wife and the rest is history. Small Hope is bringing the story to the world in the way I had always envisioned it because even though the origins were tragic. The basis was not. Pets have always made a different in mine and other people’s lives. S’more is that pet that helps a family through a difficult time and shines the light through the darkness. The message at the end is the most clear: “You have a happy life ahead of you, never forget that.” That message is why I want to see this book published.
Thank you everyone who has helped and continues to help. If you haven’t looked at the project please do: .
Thank you.


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