In Memory of Mr. Birkett

On Friday my high school science teacher, John Birkett passed away, he was 82. John was my sophomore Earth Science teacher. I remember sitting in his classroom on the first day of class and him telling us to all get up and he was going to seat us alphabetically so we knew we had a fellow letter next to us. We all had a good laugh. From the 93-94 school year the man made learning incredible especially for me during that year. I was facing depression and other school problems but I always remember waking up in the morning and smiling because science was my first class and John was my teacher. I continued to learn from John Birkett for next couple of years and the man constantly tried to get me to try out for track & field even though he was the main cross country coach. He made time for all of his students and he even made it almost all of our graduation parties as each of us took our diplomas from Sycamore High School. He briefly stopped at mine saying he came for the Italian beef. For over forty years, John made learning and coaching both in and out of the classroom enjoyable. I have said how my 7th grade science teacher turned me towards education but it was John Brikett who my teaching style is mostly based on. I will miss that man’s laugh and I will miss that smile. Thank you John Birkett you made this world a better place.


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