Kicking it up with Small Hope

It has been twenty-four hours since launching Small Hope on Kickstarter and we are just making to the $200 mark. Which means we need another $2,300 to make goal. This is my fourth kickstarter and I have only had one fail before. The first was the Little Free Library for my neighborhood that stands proudly for readers of all kinds on my town block. The second one was for My Life as a Comic Book Reader, which was an autobiography on the times and problems I faced growing up. While it is one of my most proudest achievements, it didn’t … Continue reading Kicking it up with Small Hope

In Memory of Mr. Birkett

On Friday my high school science teacher, John Birkett passed away, he was 82. John was my sophomore Earth Science teacher. I remember sitting in his classroom on the first day of class and him telling us to all get up and he was going to seat us alphabetically so we knew we had a fellow letter next to us. We all had a good laugh. From the 93-94 school year the man made learning incredible especially for me during that year. I was facing depression and other school problems but I always remember waking up in the morning and … Continue reading In Memory of Mr. Birkett

Giving Big Hope with Small Hope during Genius Hour

For a few months, I have been promoting the Kickstarter for my next book, Small Hope using various videos, puppet/greenscreen shows, posters, ect. Just last week, I had a few of my 4th and 5th graders during Genius Hour starting to feel frustrated with some of their creations. They were stuttering, having a few editing mistakes or feeling like they weren’t getting anywhere with their projects. Yesterday, I decided to string together my various trailers and promotions for Small Hope and I showed them during the first ten minutes of Genius Hour. I told them to critique me. They looked … Continue reading Giving Big Hope with Small Hope during Genius Hour