You Matter


I was having a conversation the other day with a relative of mine who was congratulating me on speaking at Mobile 2015 later in June. They asked me: “Why this doesn’t happen more often?” I told them just like with any other conference, sometimes you speak, sometimes you get invited and sometimes you get passed over. Then they went into several friends and other acquaintances of mine who seem not to have this problem unless they have to bow out due to personal or financial matters. I just told my relative that everyone is different and that they’ve worked hard for that success just like my relative did with their job and that was the end of that conversation. The conversation did make me think about how sadly many don’t feel that way. In these times of budget cuts, health problems and other situations we have no control over. Educators do feel at times they don’t get the recognition they feel they have earned, while others do.Trust me, I’ve been on that side of the argument many times, I even still get questioned by others similar to my relative why I’m not doing more or getting more recognition that others seem to. The truth is, I do get it.
Every time I hear a “thank you” from someone who didn’t understand something before or I get a notification that someone did something I inspired them to do that means just as much to me then being named “teacher of the week” or getting a type of certification that is very hard to achieve. I know there are days when you can look at someone’s resume or profile and go: “Wow!” “Wish that were me.” But you know what they say about: “If wishes were horses…” It doesn’t mean anything if what you do doesn’t mean something to yourself. Because if it doesn’t, it isn’t going to mean anything to others, especially your students. As soon as you stop believing in your own abilities or what you are capable of learning and teaching to others, then others will stop believing in your. I always bring up about my work towards my doctorate that is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. There was a time I didn’t believe I was smart enough to get anywhere close to that, let alone a master’s in Instructional Technology. Yes, I have a Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts and I dreamed of being the Oscar Winning Actor/Director of something one day. Then one day I realize that wasn’t a reality for me but that didn’t meant I had to give up dreaming or feeling I didn’t matter in some respect.
Don’t Feel like you have to be an Oscar Winning Educator. What you do and how you use technology with your students is what makes you great. The same goes if you teach PE, Reading, Special Ed, etc. How you teach and how you educate is what is really important to you and no one else.You’re students aren’t going to worry if you were Teacher of the Year or if you are a Golden Apple Award winner, they are going to care if you can teach them and help them to learn. You have to remember that you matter and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.


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