How Explain Everything went from in the back corner to the front of my iPad

Hello Everyone,

Today I wanted to share a story because you know I love to tell stories. Once Upon a time, there was an App called Explain Everything. This App was to create great screen casting with your iPad and make videos and allow you to export them to other cloud based programs or Apps. Well, when the App first came out, this once young intern at a public 3-5 one to one iPad school checked it out with a few of my teachers and we didn’t have the easiest time with it. We decided to table it for the future. Flash forward to fall of 2012 when I took my current position at CLS in a brand new iPad one to one school. One of the Apps that was on the top of teachers’ lists was Explain Everything. I hadn’t really played with the App as much as I wanted to since it had gone through some major changes. So, one night I opened up my desktop computer, sat in my office and started playing around with it. I started playing with the new features that weren’t present when I first had seen the App during my intern days and before I knew it. My wife had called me down to dinner saying I had been upstairs for almost two hours. I completely lost track of time and I rushed downstairs to show my family what I had done. She looked at me, smiled and went: “That’s cool.” In the next few months I started working with one of my high school math teachers to create a flipped classroom and we used Explain Everything to create these lessons. The students were so engaged they wanted to download the App and use it for their daily activities. I knew at this point, that Explain Everything was probably going to start moving ahead in my Go to Apps on my iPad.
Move ahead to the winter of 2013 and the debut of Stick Around my now favorite App and I find out that not only is it co-created by MorrisCooke, which created Explain Everything but that its a sister App to Stick Around. I started using Explain Everything on a more regular basis as I stared making more and more Stick Around Puzzles and before I knew it. I started moving away from using my desktop computer to make my tutorials to make them in Explain Everything. Now, I use Explain Everything almost daily making it my second favorite App on the iPad with Pic Collage, Doink’s Green Screen and Chatterpix rounding out my Top 5 Apps on my iPad now.
Who would have thought an App that originally I was very frustrated with early on in my Instructional Technology career would become one of my favorite Apps to use on a daily basis and have me smiling when the App appears on my App Dice when I am creating an App Smash. So, to Reshan Richards , Bartosz Gonczarek and Piotr Sliwinski, the creators of Explain Everything from, Thank you so very much for creating this App and thank you to Tony Vincent for making me really see how Explain Everything can be a Go to App in anything.


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