Make that Lesson like a Boomerang


Hello everyone,

I was receiving a request by a fellow educator online the other day about trying to get group meetings done in Google due to their students busy schedules. We all know the problem, we say we might be ready at a certain time or we get caught up in our after school activities and we forget to meet with our groups. This happens with projects and lessons all the time. However, I have a great way to enhance student productivity and help to make sure those student projects and lessons are getting done.

1. First enable the Chrome/Gmail add on Boomerang for both Gmail and Google Calendar. What’s so great about both of them is first Boomerang for Gmail allows you to send out emails when you want to instead of instantly after you click the “send” button. You can set for specific dates and times for the email to go out. This way if you or your student has a busy schedule you can choose when to send the email out so it doesn’t become lost with other emails or when you know you or your student is unable to check their gmail like during basketball practice or during work.

2. Now, while Boomerang for Gmail helps with sending out reminders and emails when you want it to, students still run into problems with meet up times in either Google Classroom or other GAFE assignments. With Boomerang for Calendar students can send out possible meet times to their classmates on when they can meet up. The students click on the time that works out best for everyone and it ends up showing up on their Google Calendar and setting reminder for that specific time. This way if a student does miss their meet time it won’t be the failure of not agreeing to the set time on the calendar.

3. After that, set up the class assignment in Google Classroom as normal. I usually set with using Physics Class for analyzing graphical data in a Google Spreadsheet.Students can work together in real time thanks to Google Drive and complete the assignment or project. Teachers can then check over the history add-on in the Google Spreadsheet to see who was working on the assignment/project and to see if they met at the time they designated.

This will help students and teachers not to miss an assign time on a project again and help to teach and organize schedules and productivity. Give it a try today.


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