I can Makey Makey Reading Rainbow


Happy Wednesday everyone,

You know, something about Wednesdays for me, they can be completely busy or very slow. However, they also can create some great inspiration and do I have a S.T.E.A.M tech smash for you that involves Reading Rainbow. As some of you might not know, I was a big supporter of the Bring Back Reading Rainbow last summer and I am happy to announce that we were adopted by three generous backers for the new school program later this fall. I also recently put in $30 of my own money so my 1st-PK students could get at least 5 iPads with the full library and field trips on their iPads. We are doing Reading Rainbow month for March and something I came up with that would be a great addition to Reading Rainbow Month that includes teaching students coding, art and using the full range of S.T.E.A.M with their reading.

1. I have students set their reading goals with Reading Rainbow with my 3 Levels of Reading achievement bookmarks I have received from the kickstarter project. From there, students read their books during Daily 5.

2. Next, I download Soundplant by 42. This is a great coding program that allows you to add sound to your keyboard commands on OS or Windows computers. I set up piano pitches and recreate the themes from Reading Rainbow on Garageband on an iPad or Mac an then export the finished music in MP3.

3. I then drop the related music to correspond with the keyboard on the computer. I then can color code the keys to mach up with the colors of the rainbow.

4. Every time a student achieves their reading goal they have to use the Bookmarks in the order that puts the Reading Rainbow theme song together through Soundplant.

5. Next, students are going to creating their own Reading Rainbow Reader figures and they will then have to assemble them and set up music theme songs on the books they read through Garageband and export the final song. Students will also attach a little synopsis of the book they read at the beginning of the song to gain interest in reading the book.

6. These MP3 are then downloaded and put in in Soundplant and when the Reading Figures are pressed they will play the synopsis of the book and the theme song they just created through Soundplanet.

This is a great S.T.E.A.M project and a great way to motivate readers and all they have to do is aim twice as high but you don’t have to take my word for it.


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