Six Degrees of Who?

Happy President’s Day,

I spent the day off like any other working husband and father. I cleaned up the house, finished work on my cadency exam (5 weeks to go) and of course time with the family. We were enjoying some cinnamon rolls I had just made when they were talking about Cindy Crawford on the GMA. For those who don’t know, I grew up in Sycamore, IL which is the neighboring town to DeKalb, IL where Cindy Crawford grew up in. Well, true story, Cindy was my babysitter once in 1983. My wife was laughing how I knew so many people growing up who became big names. Which is true, I went to school with C. Matt Smith from Star Trek. My mother knew Zachary Quitno once upon a time and even knew Joan Allen. I also knew Jason Babisky from The Good Wife and a few other people that are now famous. Well, I thought I put together a great lesson using Stick Around, Twitter, Google Docs and tie it all into the Google Classroom.

1. Create a Stick Around Puzzle for your class, put a few famous people you know of and use the Time Line Template in Stick Around to mark the years they got their big breaks. An example would be when Rocky became a big hit in 1975 and launched Sylvester Stallone career. Set up a direct link in the final piece of the Stick Around Puzzle to go directly to a shared Google Doc that will later be accessed by the class. Upload it to your Google Drive, make the link sharable to edit and post it as part of a lesson in Google Classroom.

2. From there put the sharable link as an assignment in Google Classroom. Explain students are to solve the puzzle and after solving it, save the completed puzzle to their iPad. After that, they will follow the link in the last sticker to the shared classroom Google Doc. There the students will write down a famous person they they know through someone. They will type out a brief description of how they know them and then finish.

3. After the entire class has finished typing there person. Each student will then make a timeline puzzle based on one of the people their classmate wrote about. They will create the Stick Around Puzzle and then upload the final puzzle to their Google Drive and post the link to the puzzle under the person they just created it for. Students then can download the puzzles and complete them. They will then complete a separate feedback Google Doc on all of the puzzles and turn it in as the final assignment for the Google Classroom.

4. The teacher will then take each of the feedback and post main points from each of the feedbacks for each puzzle in the Google Classroom discussion board. This feedback can be about needed improvements to each students’ Stick Around or what they could have done different.

This makes for a great student lead assignment that teaches research, PBL, Teach like a Pirate and uses the SAMR model. Give it a try today.


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