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This past weekend I was over in Kaneland, IL, which is a neighboring town to Sycamore, where I grew up and went to school in. They were hosting their first Ed Camp and I ended having a reunion with great educators such as Tara Linney Joy Kirr and Christy Valyou and made dozens of new connections that are listed on my Smash Book page for the event as shown above, I highly recommend following them on Twitter. I hosted the Session Called: Sketch That Tech Smash. This session was to introduce teachers to sketch note taking and also teach App and Tech Smashes from iPad to Chromebooks. It was a fantastic session, I had so many teachers asking great questions and making some awesome sketch notes. After my session ended I went to a session known as Inquiry Circles. This is about working together in groups similar to Genius Hour but in a much more compressed outing. Students or teachers working together on one main idea for a lesson. One does one part of the job, the other does another and eventually they branch off and their first completed project to do their own. I had to start enacting this skill for one of my Genius Hours due to time constraints and I wanted to seek advice or to make sure I was doing it correctly. I was very happy to see that I had not only been making great steps in achievement with Inquiry Circles but also bringing my own ideas to the session and getting so much helpful advice in the process. That’s what I love about Ed Camps there isn’t a right way or wrong way to do things. We help each other out by talking about and showing our successes, failures and more.
During the wrap up later in the day, we shared how much we learned from each other and I ended up receiving over four compliments that almost made me cry. No, really and I was so happy to talk to Joy Kirr and have the two of us talk about the strengths and helping out other classrooms with Genius Hour. My buddy, Tara also bought her first Makey Makey device and I can’t wait to see what she is going to be creating and doing with it. She is the Coding Queen but I was a bit jealous she got to play with a Sphero at the Ed Camp (next time). So, I am happy to say this was a great Ed Camp and to connecting with teachers near by was great and for the first one for District 302, they did an awesome job. Be sure to check out my list of teachers above and I’ll talk to everyone later.


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