Bishop takes Google Classroom to a 7 Super App Smash


Hello Everyone,

Do I have an App Smash for you! Last Friday during Genius Hour Friday, my 5th graders were playing my Appification game board and wanted me to create a Super App Smash like I have never done before and they gave me one. The rolled both of my App Dice and the first was Google Classroom and they said I had to use that one no matter what. I told my students that was great, the next they rolled my favorite App, Stick Around but then Appification kicked in. They then rolled on my chess die and came up with a Bishop. They then placed the Bishop on Stick Around and moved it across 5 more Apps. These Apps were: Garageband, Google Docs, Notability, Chatter Pix and Thinglink. This means I had to create a Super App Smash with all of these Apps. Well, as amazing as this challenge was, I took it and came up with the App Smash right there and then. My 5th grade teacher was even shocked how I came up with it so fast. So, here it is everyone:

1. I create a riddle using Garageband and then put the final recording in Notability.

2. In Notability I create a Smashbook on what STEAM is using photos I have taken from other Genius Hours and draw out the items used from the Makey Makey to a sketch of a working Lego Gumball Machine.

3. Next I upload this finished Notability into Google Drive that I will then post the direct links in a Google Doc. I then write out that students will need to create Stick Around Puzzles on creating an App STEAMer using required Apps.

4. I next create a Chatterpix and upload the video and embed it into my Google Docs.

5. Next, I take the same Smash Book I created in Notability and export it as a finished image in Thinglink and post link examples of App STEAMers in the Thinglink with a direct link back to the Google Classroom.

6. Finally, I set up the assignment in Google Classroom and assign to the class and away we go.

There it is, a six step Super 7 App Smash. Give it a try.


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