Warm up with some Stick Around STEAMers and Citing

Hello my fellow educators, if you are like me, most of you are dealing with a Snow Day due to the crazy blizzards in the US right now. Well, as we all know, when I have a Snow Day, I get creative. I brew the coffee, my son watches Curious George and my wife sleeps in. Now, for February through March I’m doing a combination of Application (Gamification mixed with App Smashes). I’m also doing App STEAMers, which is creating App Smashes based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). Thanks to this winter weather and the fact I’m working on my candidacy exam for my dissertation, I came up with two great App STEAMers using Stick Around. Now, before I describe how you create these amazing STEAMers I want to get into talking about citing.
Now, while I talk to Tony Vincent on a regular basis on using Stick Around and I am pretty good at citing and using images that are copyright free or using my own iPad or device to make or get the majority of my images. Sadly, even when you teach your students how to cite sources, email and ask others for permission to use images, problems still happen. This article shows why you have to be very careful using images. I was caught in a similar situation almost three years ago on my old comic book blog on one of my favorite comics, Daredevil. I even mentioned the image I used, didn’t use anything from the blog or anything and the owner was pretty mad at me. I took the image and posting down and all was forgiven but it could have been worse.
I teach my students now, especially since we are getting into classroom blogs about asking permission for use of images and its a problem when even when you do everything right as shown above, people get upset with you. That’s why sources such as The Noun Project and more exist, you can find them all on Tony’s website here. With that said, I used Pic Collage to create my info graphs below on how to create these STEAMers. Now without further ado, let’s warm up learning with these App STEAMers.

The first is what I like to call the: Brain STEAMer. This App Smash is very simple to create, first using 3D Brains to go over the parts and functions of the Brain. Then take snap shots of the screen over the parts of the brain and the main brain itself. Next, take those images and create a Stick Around Puzzle on those parts of the brain and how the connections work in each part. Third, upload the images into Google Drive and remember to set the share link to: “Can edit” to make for easy downloading on devices later. Next, take the main brain photo and import it into Thinglink and place the Google Drive links to the puzzles to the parts of the brain. Save a final text link for students to create these same neural connections in a Geoboard set up and have them mark the connections by colors and upload their final screen shot back into the classroom Google Drive or Google Classroom. This is a two day student lead assignment on how the brain works and what areas control what functions.

For the next one based on these Blizzards of 2015 I thought it would be great to talk about the history of blizzards in Illinois. Student does a simple Google Search on major blizzards that have hit the Stateliness over the last thirty years. Then in Stick Around using the timeline template, create a Stick Around Puzzle on these blizzards during what years and a little history on them. They can use text or voice recordings for them. Next, upload them to the Google Drive Folder for their Google Classroom. Next, these links to the Stick Around Puzzle are uploaded to a Thinglink but just before, have the Thinglink be a solid number based on the snow falls for those years. Finally, students create a snow fall graph using Number line App and upload the final screen shot back to the Drive Folder.


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