Making the Digital Smash Book

I had several people email and tweet me on how to create a digital Smash Book for either their classroom or themselves. For those who don’t know, a Smash Book is an unplanned and on-the-move scrapbook is the easiest way to describe it. The principal behind it and the basic elements are quite the same, except for preparation and presentation. A smash book is a journal in which one pastes pictures, embellishments, memorabilia et al on the go. They are great for students keeping a classroom journal and teaching them sketch note taking, organizing thoughts and ideas. I created this info graph for both iPad and Chromebook/GAFE platform.

For iPad: Use Pic Collage to organize images, stickers, etc and then save them to your camera roll. Next insert the images into Notability. This works the best since you are able to annotate, organize, type and write notes all together. If you use Paper by 53, just export the finished sketch notes into your camera roll and insert them into Notability. Finally, create a finished journal through Book Creator or Scribble Press depending which one you enjoy to use.

For Chromebook/GAFE: The best way to is to use both Google Docs and Google Draw together with your Google Drive. You can create your sketches, images, etc in Google Draw and then save them directly to your Google Drive. You can add pages as you go and export as PDF or document files. If you want to go the next step and have the entire classroom contribute to the Smash Book. Leave it opened as a “can edit” so the entire class can add to each page of the Smash Book. Great if you have Google Classroom.

For Office/Surface: Same applies like GAFE, you can also export images from PowerPoint to insert in Word or Excel.


3 thoughts on “Making the Digital Smash Book

  1. Once you have them in GDocs, (using Chromebooks) and you are wanting to put them into a journal, (like with ipad) what app can you use (for Chromeook)?

    1. You don’t have to use another app. You can have them add pages to it or export it as a PDF. However, if you want to use another App for journaling on Chromebook. Use Cuoluo Diary or put it in Google Slides as a full on creation.

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