Post-it like a Pirate


In classrooms these days, especially in TLAP schools we see a lot of post-its. In fact, post-its are used constantly both in paper and digital form. I’m even using post-its for my dissertation work, so of course I was doing some technology updates and I was looking at one of our science walls and saw the periodic table post-its lesson done a few weeks ago and an idea hit me. So, get your eye pages on and get ready to Tech like a Pirate.

1. Similar to the periodic table post-it lesson, have your students work on each element on the board and then use the free Post-it Plus App and take a picture of the post-its on the wall/board. Then as the teacher create a quiz game and have students assemble the post-its to create a type of chemical reaction. An example would be: “What makes up water?” The students take Oxygen and then take the Hydrogen and annotate it “X2” to create the formula H2O. You don’t necessarily have to dot his with paper, free applications like Padlet or Lino which don’t require logins and can be used on any device can be done the same way. Just set the digital bulletin board with the table and then have students create the formulas with as simple tap of their finger or create the formulas.

2. You can do the same on Google Classroom by assigning a Google Docs or Google Draw sheet and importing the picture and then having the class add in the require chemical bonds or reactions or rearrange the formula post-its.

Give it a try. Really!


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