Padlet, Pasta and Penguins

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 8.24.14 AM
Its Tech Tuesday and I’m celebrating by starting Genius Hour with my 1st graders. Yep, I’ve pulled out Pure Genius by Don Wettrick, studied my Pinterest and even been in a few Genius Hour classrooms myself and we are ready to kick it off. So, how am I’m planning on getting our little geniuses started.

1. We will start will the classic pasta building exercise. This is where students have to use uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows to build towers and buildings. However, since we are starting our penguin unit, the students are going to then create their own igloos they want their penguins to live in.

2. Following that, we have students post their passions on a Padlet board they can access from their iPads. This will range with whatever they love. I’m showing the students my various Teach Like a Pirate and App Dice creation. My favorite is creating my own 3D glasses and pictures using an old CD jewel case and Paper by 53 to turn my Sketchnotes on Penguins into 3D images to not only see and touch but also trigger some memorable information on our favorite webbed toed birds.

3. Next we have students create what they need to observe penguins. I create a pair of binoculars with a paper tube and some shinning star robes. Since a lot of penguins are attracted to shiny objects.

4. Finally, I’m letting the students go, they get their choice of how they will talk about and present about penguins with however, they want to.


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