Classroom Smashbook

A few days ago while I was cleaning up my house during a snow day, I came across my old journal that I started almost five years ago and discovered I had not written in it for over two years. I decided I was going to change that but I didn’t want it to be the same old: “This happened today”. While most people do online journals such as blogs or use Apps like Evernote and Notability I decided to incorporate the use of pictures and sketch notes. This is known as a Smashbook, which is a combination of a journal, scrapbook and sketches. I was listening to Tony Vincent’s latest podcast on Infopics and I thought of this great idea for your classroom. The use of Selfies and Groove Books is becoming very common in the classroom but while a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes we can forget what occurred on those days or what we learned. So, here is how you can turn memories into a learning experience in the classroom.

1. If you are completely in a 1:1/2:1 classroom or are a one device school, start by taking a picture of your class and importing it into an App like: Pic Collage, Skitch, Path On or Notability. Then add in your words or do some sketch notes about what is going on in the picture or who its about. Best example would be a picture of the classroom saying: “4th Grade Class of 2015” and then going from there.

2. Once you have gotten the ball rolling, have students add a something to the page such as words, stickers, sketches, ect. Make sure you limit the time though other wise students might keep adding something constantly and your Smashboopk turns into a collage of so many shapes, images and drawings you don’t know what it originally was.

3. You can also make this very student centered by having a student assigned to take a picture during class and then have the class add to the next Smashbook page and then have students proceed to add to it.

4. If you want to go traditional paper, print out your Picture of the Day or if you have a Groove Book, tear out a picture and have your class start building their Smashboopk page.

5. Continue to do this through the school year, if you going strictly digital, you can publish the finished Smashboopk to a PDF or eBook format for students to download at the end of the year. If you are doing traditional paper, you can have the class create a fully finished Smashbook at the end of the school year. A final way is to marry the two and download your Smashbook pages into a full Groove Book that can be printed out and sent to you.

Give it a try today and start your Classroom Smashbook and if you need help with any Photo Apps, I have my newest App Dice Below with a list of Apps to use. Also inspired by Tony Vincent.



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