Brush like a Pirate

Its another cold day in Illinois and while I like to spend my snow days being very active to stay warm, I stumbled on a great little activity the other day and you know I had to turn it into a great Tech like a Pirate lesson. As you can see, there is a great little model of the mouth using paper and egg crates to make it look like you are visiting the dental office. The original reason for this was to teach students the importance of flossing. Now, this is all fun and easy to do and uses the Craft Hook well but we know there is a cooler way to do this and I’m going to tell you how that will teach students coding, modeling and problem solving.

1. Create your teeth using a egg crate, cut them length wise and model it like a real mouth. Now… instead of using colored paper to simulate food particles stuck in the mouth, use pipe cleaners and bend them to look like particles.

2. Next, take our your Makey Makey and attach your alligator clips to the pipe cleaners and plug the Makey Makey into your computer or mobile device depending on what you are using.

3. Now, going into Scratch, Stenicle or related coding program. Put the correct sounds to play either low or high. You have to match the teeth up with the right sound to show how to brush correctly when it comes to teeth. The sound is to match where students will later use a created toothbrush they will make themselves and attach it to the Makey Makey to be used as the player for the teeth.

4. Now, here comes the real fun part, students will learn what happens when they brush correctly. They have to work on the low note playing teeth the most and working on the coding to get it so it plays higher tunes. The higher tunes means happier teeth. Students keep going until the correct all the low playing teeth.

5. Finally, students will come up with a set of crafts used to keep your teeth happy and clean. Give it a try today.


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