Stick to that Pirate QR Wall

FullSizeRender 2
Ahoy! My fellow pirates, while the weather outside might be below Zero! I am sailing the cold seas to bring you a great Tech Like a Pirate using my favorite App, Stick Around and teaches students about App Smashing. It’s pretty simple.

1. Set up some random HTML to select several subject areas you teaching in a unit. Create QR Codes with them and put them together on a large wall map like shown above. Make sure you include an App above each of the QR Codes.

2. Next, when your students scan the QR Code they are taken to a website or given a picture that they must made a Stick Around Puzzle about. However, they have to use the App that is shown above with the Stick Around Puzzle. An example would be using Thinglink and Stick Around. The student scans their QR Code and is taken to a profile page about the Chinstrap Penguin. Students then make a Thinglink that talks about our favorite southern penguin and its habitat and then puts a direct link to a Stick Around Puzzle they have created that can be download and solved.

There are many ways to use this type of Tech like a Pirate Treasure Map. Give it a try today and find the path to learning treasures. Arr!


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