What’s Under your Hat?


During winter break I was doing some research and a friend of mine wanted to use a random hats for word work during Daily 5. I thought this would work great with Teach like a Pirate and of course be able to spin it to Tech Like a Pirate too. Here are a few ways you can use the “What’s Under your Hat?” for the classroom.

1. Have random hats on your board. If you want to use real hats have a subject, hook or idea in each one. An example would be: the Stage Hook in the hat the says: “Go Exploring”. The Student would put on the hat and act like the type of person who would wear a hat like that and go exploring. To add tech to it, have the student film movie, green screen exploration movie, create a Power Point, ect. Many ways to do this.

2. If you want to go full digital with this idea use Google Slides or random selector with each of the Hat Hook ideas and have students select them at random and do the activity inside.

3. If you want to use them for Word Work or Daily 5. Have the various stations with an App or program you want your students to use for the station. Its a great way to add a little bit of randomization into them.

Give it a try.


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