What can fit in your Glove?

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 8.24.34 AM
Welcome back everyone, its a new year and a new semester and since January is my Tech Like a Pirate theme, here is a great one to create. If anyone has been on Pinterest or down the hall with my classrooms. We love doing a project called: “What fits in my glove?” Its a pretty simple create your own story about what can fit inside a glove or mitten. Usually students drawn pictures and then explain what is in the glove and why it fits in there. I did some tech smashing and came up with several ways to integrate tech and Teach like a Pirate with this lesson.

1. Great way we love using this lesson is to have students put on a green glove for our Green Screen App from Doink. Students create wall papers using Pic Collage or Pic Monkey about what fits in their glove. They then film their story explaining what is in their glove. The final edit shows the images appearing on their glove as they tell their story. (Costume, Magician, Story Hooks)

2. The students create their glove assignments and then take a snap shot of the glove. Then using either Chatterpix or Blabberize, they have the glove talk about what is inside of it. (Magician, Prop Hooks)

3. Using the Craft Hook from Teach like a Pirate. Create a several objects out of Play-dough or pipe cleaners and then film a stop motion film of the objects going inside a real glove and using either subtitles or voice over work to explain what is in the gloves.

4. Last one is to do a sketch note on the glove using a device and then put it on Thinglink with points explaining what is in the glove. (Piacoso and Tech hooks).

Give it a try today and Tech Like a Pirate in 2015. Ahoy!


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