The Living Puzzle Brain


To wrap up my last blog post for 2014, I wanted to create a great Tech like a Pirate Lesson using my favorite app, Stick Around. I was originally inspired for this from Clay Reisler. He worked with his students on creating a puzzle on the human brain using Stick Around a few months ago. As many of you know, my wife has had Epilepsy for over 30 years and she was taking out her brain folder she did in high school on how the brainwork. I saw this and immediately thought of a great way to blend Teach like a Pirate, Clay’s lesson into a great lesson for middle school and high school students.

1. Have students create a sketch note on the brain. You can either create it through paper, sketch App like Notability, Paper by 53 or use the drawing ability in Stick Around to make the brain design.

2. Have students create the main motor controls the brain is known to operate in the sketch note.

3. Now, here is where Teach like a Pirate Hooks come in. Using any of the Hooks perform an activity. An example would be using the Craft Hook and creating binoculars and start looking around with them. Students know that is sight, so they have to place a sticker to mark that part of the brain. Next would be using the Stage Hook and acting out hearing sounds. Students then label this part of the brain. Continue this as long as you want until you have at least 10 activities mapped out on your Stick Around Puzzle.

4. Next, with your students having their puzzles complete, upload them to a Google Folder, Dropbox or Copy Folder and share the link with their classmates. Each student then completes the puzzles.

5. After they solve each puzzle, they keep the ones they love the most and learned from the most on the human brain on the App. They can use this for studying or review.

Try this was other reviews such as the human body, plants, STEAM assignments, ect. Its a great way to integrate the use of Sketch Notes, PBL and Teach like a Pirate. Give it a try in the New Year.


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