The never ending Dreams


Hello Everyone,

Hard to believe that in a couple of days, the New Year will be here and I’m happy to say that my book, My Life as a Comic Book Reader is now complete. All rewards have been received, all emails have been answered and the World of Blaine is now fully published. This last year has been a roller coaster for myself and my family both professionally and personally. From seeing the original Kickstarter for MLAACBR fail to then succeeding. From delays in publishing to a completed book. To wondering if I could pull this all off to finally succeeding. The World of Blaine has been a part of my life for almost seven years and over the last year, I saw my own life reflecting the struggles and journey that created the book to begin with. While it hasn’t been an easy journey it has been the most fulfilling. I want to once again thank everyone who made this book possible and also those who stepped in at the last minute to make it better than I could have possibly imagined.
When I achieved my dream of seeing my first book, My Life as a Comic Book Reader become published the dream soon becomes bigger and you want to give more to those who supported and helped me achieved my dream of seeing the book published. These dreams have lead me to want to put out more resources, tutorials and projects for everyone. For 2015, I want to invite those who are having questions on where to start with using Tech in the Classroom or have ideas and projects to share. I’ve been asked many times what is the right way to start using technology in the classroom and many times I’ve told people there isn’t a right or wrong way, you just have to tell yourself: “Let’s do it.” If you want to work with the latest App, tablet device, cloud platform or eBook Reader to enhance your classroom then do it. Don’t let fear or someone telling you, you have to use it or else keep you from using it. Look at what you have, create your characters, create your story, build your stage and then raise the curtain on it. Because when you successfully Roll Out Technology in the classroom you will be ready to take the bow at the end and your students will want to use it too. Something I’ve learned in my experience is when students see they have control over what they do, they will take flight and create some amazing lessons and projects. In order to accomplish this, we can never stop dreaming and always strive for achieving.


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