Tech like a Pirate with this App S’more


Ahoy, there my fellow pirates! Winter break has begun and while we get ready to celebrate the holidays and take a little bit of a rest. Soon, the New Year will be here and we will return to the classroom and board our ships to adventure. Here is a fun lesson to kick off 2015 with and it falls the SAMR Model perfectly for an App S’more.

1. Using the App, iBanner or using a flashy transition from any PowerPoint application, put the word “Mystery” in colorful or flashy letters on your main screen in your classroom. Tell your class today’s first day back is a total mystery. (Teaser Hook)

2. Next have a set of random legos on each student’s desk. They can be any shape or form and you tell the students to make something out of them that they love. (Student Hobby Hook) Then take pictures of of what they have built.

3. Using an presentation App like Google Sides, Shadow Puppet, 30 Hands, Keynote, each student will tell a story with their Lego construction (Story Teller Hook)

4. Finally, create the Smile File Thinglink Folder and embed each of the presentation into a classroom Treasure Map of what leads each of them to smile with their Passions. (The Magic and Amazing Hook)

This uses SMAR and you can both Teach and Tech like a Pirate and it works across any platform no matter what Tech you use. Give it a try in the New Year.


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