Let’s Play some DNA

When the semester starts to wrap up before winter break. We seem to focus more on finals and classroom parties but at the same time, we have to look ahead to the New Year. I woke to various sad news this morning and I was looking for some inspiration. I was looking through my Teach Like a Pirate book and I saw the Craft Hook as I opened the page. I then saw one of my art teachers busily heading towards their classroom to get ready for the finals. That’s when it hit me like a canon ball.

1. Give students colored pipe cleaners. They have to make DNA strands from the different color pipe cleaners. Explain how the different colors make up the different sequences in DNA.

2. Go to a Coding program like Scratch and now match those sequences with musical notes.

3. Next hook a Makey Makey to the different strand sequences in the pipe cleaner DNA and make sure you wrap one around the student’s wrist to be grounded.

4. Plug the Makey Makey into your computer and then test each of the strands to see the music they play.

5. After hearing the music. Move the clips so they work in better harmony when students tap their sequences.

This lesson teaches science, creativity, coding and understanding how DNA makes up the way you work. Give it a try today and Teach like a Pirate.


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