Stick Around for the New Year


Hey Everyone,

Did you hear? Stick Around by Tony Vincent and MorrisCooke is free from December 15-16th. That’s right, this great educational App is free! If you didn’t know, Stick Around is my favorite App, I love using it to create puzzles, blue prints, mind maps and more. The App was sadly overlooked as one of the best Apps for 2014 but that doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best Apps for 2015 and I’m here today to give you a few ideas to use it in your classroom from SAMR to Teach Like a Pirate.

1. Firing off the canons with Teach like a Pirate. Have your students create cardboard puppets with the Craft Hook lesson. Have them fashion the puppets off characters they love or themselves. Then, have the class create a story Stick Around Puzzle and upload it to a Google Drive, Box or Dropbox folder. Have students download one of the puzzles at random and then solve it. When they have solved the story puzzle they then have to create the story using the puppets. They can do anything from making the story as a little puppet theatre, using Green Screen by DoInk or even use Stop motion. Its fun and enjoyable.

2. Want students to learn about concept maps and brainstorming? Have them use Stick Around to make a theme in class. Then, have them put their ideas on stickers to assemble later. Once the student realizes how to join their ideas together. Have them complete the lesson by making a Stick Around from the mind mapping exercise.

3. Want to make a SAMR App S’more? Have students use Pic Collage to create collages of their winter break. Then save them to their camera rolls and create a Stick Around Puzzle about the order they occurred. Then upload the completed puzzles to their Google Classroom Folder and then later use QR Codes to create a Scavenger Hunt Around the classroom with areas that are associated with the puzzles as a mark off to the New Year and what they will be doing in the classroom.

4. Speaking of QR Code Scavenger Hunt. Design one around your school or classroom, each QR Code your students scan is a piece to creating a larger Stick Around Puzzle. An example would by students scan one QR Code and get one of the various species of penguins. The next one they scan is where they live, the next is their eating habits, and so on and so on. Once they have scanned all of the QR Codes, they then create a Stick Around Puzzle with it and then upload it to a folder. Then, they are to create a penguin with the Stick Around Puzzle embedded through a QR Code or if they go digital, use a Thinglink or another type of hyper link to it. This works as a type of essay report that is is Student Lead.

5. For my last one we are making an Stick Around App Dice. A Stick Around App Dice still works like a regular App Dice when rolled by Stick Around has to be used no matter what with the Apps you roll on the die. This is a great way to teach App Smashing especially when some students and teachers don’t know if they can incorporate Stick Around with another App. Let me tell you, there is yet to be an App I haven’t been able to smash with Stick Around.

These are just a few ideas, give it a try today and share your ideas with #stickaroundapp and for more ideas check out Learning In Hand by Tony Vincent.


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