When the SAMR hits your eye like a Big Pizza Pie that’s an App S’more



I was riding in my car the other day with my son and he was asking for pizza and pointing at the gas station. My wife laughed saying that wasn’t the type of gas station that serves pizza. I laughed and said about 30 years ago, that gas station was a pizzeria and I went on to say how much the area has changed since I was my son’s age. Then of course, I looked up in the sky and the full moon hit my eye like a Big Pizza Pie and I had an App S’more.

1. Create a list of areas outside of your classroom that have changed in the last several years. They have had to been either an empty area 10 years ago or a different type of business or practice, similar to how the gas station by my parents was originally a place you could get a good slice of pizza.

2. Have students take a picture of what it is now.

3. Have them use Timeline Eons App or related Google Search to find out what the place was like years ago and then have them create a scenario where that place has remained the same today instead of having the land developed or transform into a different type of business or housing.

4. Have students post their locations on a Google Doc and have the entire class come in and brainstorm what they believe the place would look like or have today.

An example would by the Pizza place by my parents house. If it would have not closed down in 1984 the place would have still been a thriving business today. In 1984 it was a pizzeria that had pool tables, the latest video games, bar area and plenty of places to sit. Flash forward to 2014 the place would look a lot different. The orders would be taken on touch devices, there would be wi-fi. There would be expanded pizza toppings and styles. There would be flat screen TVs most likely an online ordering system and they would have expanded the parking area in the back after the old apartment complexes were knocked down in the late 90s. You see where I’m going here.

5. Finally, the students take all the great ideas and type out a blog posting on Kidblog about What If? the place was still around today. Share and enjoy.

I had a student a couple years ago make up a story where they talked about an old mall that was torn down in the late 90s when they were 5 and if it was still around today what it would have been like as the area changed over the last 12 years. It made for a great way to do research, look at economical and housing development the last decade and how much had change between their childhood years and their teenage years. Give it a try today and serve a slice of App S’more.


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