Time to Code with Stick Around

Its the Hour of Code Week, what are you doing for Coding with your students or with yourself? For me, I am doing a great little Coding fun with my Kindergarten class today and I’m using one of their favorite Apps, Stick Around to teach them and make an App S’more.

1. I have the students create their favorite item at Christmas, this can be a tree, wreath, lights, etc using Doodle Buddy or Google Draw.

2. Next I take those images and create a background for a Stick Around Puzzle. I then add the stickers with either words, symbols or direct links for a coding App next and then have the students solve the puzzle.

3. Once they have solved the puzzle, they then transfer the pattern to another App such as Scratch Jr where they make a story using the patterns or codes. They then have to rebuild the story in Scratch Jr.

4. Finally the students create the code pattern in Stick Around and then upload it to the classroom Google Drive or Dropbox for the next classroom to solve and use the same lesson.

This teaches students code and how to utilize the SAMR Model at a younger age. Give it a try today.


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