Do you want to build a Snowman Pirate Style?

Most of you are reading the title of this post and going: “Oh great!” “Another Frozen project, just what we need.” However, we all know I don’t like to just go with a traditional spin on something like making a cardboard Olaf or mini jars full of cotton and paper. No, I’m going a different route here and of course I’m borrowing a little Pirate flair in the process. As you can see by the above image, I have an entire set of snowmen created by a local grade school class assembled into a melody of snowmen and in some case snowwomen. Here are some says to make some App Smashes, App S’mores, Scavenger Hunt Hooks, Hour of Code and a little more.

1. Each of these snow people are either made out of cardboard tubes or jars. When each student makes their snowmen. They have to write out a little piece of paper that has a specific App listed on it and placed in the tube/jar. When they pace it, a student at random has to pick one of the snowmen and take the piece of paper out of it and then create a story about the snowman using the App they just pulled out.

2. Since its Code Week I wanted to throw a little HTML fun into this in some very interesting ways. If you use iBeacons place them in specific jars and when your students use their mobile device to pick them out. They will be taken the classrooms webpage that has Random HTML assignment to it. This will lead them at random to an App to use, web resource, voice/text instruction and more. It lets you make every iBeach search different and each student will create a story project in a different way each time.

3. Have students create their own App Dice and add it to each of the jars/tubes. The student who picks the snowman will then roll the die and create an App Smash with three apps they roll at random.

4. If you are a Minecraft Edu school have students create a winter wonderland for the snow people to live in. They can create their villages anyway they like but the town must have five things. A town square, a christmas tree, a movie theatre, a mall and a school. See what they can come up with.

5. Finally if you have a Makey Makey have students create their snow people to have conductor pieces added to them and then have groups select a set of snow people and hook them up and have them create a Christmas or Holiday song with the snow people. Great way to focus on Genius Hour and coding.

These are only a few suggestions. Give it a try today.


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