Stay warm with some SAMR App S’mores to Drink


We’ve all seen the SAMR coffee model created by Tim Holt. Where he described the SAMR Model perfectly with Starbucks coffee. Now that winter is upon us, I thought this was a great time to do my App S’more for making a great cup of hot cocoa you can share and create with your students.

1. Have students talk about how they love their hot cocoa or chocolate and what they have in it. Next have students create what they believe to be their ultimate cup of hot cocoa and add the recipe to a Google Doc.

2. Next using a random name selector application or simple pick names out of a big coffee cup. Select students at random and assign them one of the recipes.

3. Next use Stick Around or Google Draw to have them create a puzzle that incorporates each ingrediant and what order it should be placed in.

4. Finally create a Thinglink with each student’s puzzle recipe marked by a cup of hot cocoa and have each student explore and learn about each hot cocoa recipe and then have students vote on the best recipe to try and make it for the classroom that day.

Have fun, create and don’t forget the marshmallows.


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