Sketching the Path to the Polar Express



I’ve been getting back into sketch notes as of late, especially with my dissertation coming up this coming year. For those who don’t know, sketch note taking involves using images that the note taker uses along with their notes. It allows better memory exercise and retention. One of my TAs this year is part of our local Polar Express train rides. One of our students was talking about how they would make their own path to the North Pole if they were the driver of the Polar Express. So, here is a wonderful Christmas Train Ride Lesson along the lines of one of my favorite Teach like a Pirate Hooks.

1. Students of course have the Polar Express read to them and after that they will make their own sketch notes about the book. What they love, the path they took and the meaning of the spirit of Christmas.

2. After that they will create their own train path to the North Pole if they were driver of the Polar Express also created in Sketch notes.

3. Next students will take their sketch notes and build their story from them. They can do this a number of ways. Classic assembly of the notes into a book plus a cover and read their story to the class. Create a powerpoint, make their own eBook using Book Creator and related App. They can even dress up as the Polar Express Conductor and read their fellow classmates story.

4. My favorite is have the entire class build a united story from their sketch notes with each of them being a passenger on the Polar Express and telling their favorite path in their story as the Polar Express heads to the North Pole.

Give it a try today and remember to always Believe.


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