The Living Puzzle Brain

To wrap up my last blog post for 2014, I wanted to create a great Tech like a Pirate Lesson using my favorite app, Stick Around. I was originally inspired for this from Clay Reisler. He worked with his students on creating a puzzle on the human brain using Stick Around a few months ago. As many of you know, my wife has had Epilepsy for over 30 years and she was taking out her brain folder she did in high school on how the brainwork. I saw this and immediately thought of a great way to blend Teach like … Continue reading The Living Puzzle Brain

The never ending Dreams

Hello Everyone, Hard to believe that in a couple of days, the New Year will be here and I’m happy to say that my book, My Life as a Comic Book Reader is now complete. All rewards have been received, all emails have been answered and the World of Blaine is now fully published. This last year has been a roller coaster for myself and my family both professionally and personally. From seeing the original Kickstarter for MLAACBR fail to then succeeding. From delays in publishing to a completed book. To wondering if I could pull this all off to … Continue reading The never ending Dreams

Tech like a Pirate and be like Michelangelo, the artist

There is an old saying: “You have to look at the world upside down to see it in a new perspective.” But have you ever tried looking at the world while laying on your back? Did you know that when the Renaissance artist, Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel he had to do it while lying on his back. A few days ago, I read about a teacher who did this to help with students’ motor skills with drawing underneath their desks with a pencil. I thought that was a great Picasso Hook but I wanted to take … Continue reading Tech like a Pirate and be like Michelangelo, the artist

2014 Year in Review

As 2014 draws to a close, I, much like other educators look back at what the year brought me, both good and bad. 1. Starting off in the Spring, I came up with App Dice. Such a simple tool that is now used and enjoyed by teachers and students all over the globe. When I see an App Smash or talk about App Dice at a conference, on Twitter, Blog or webpage and see App Dice being used. I just smile. Great seeing something I came up with being used for learning and education. 2. Teach Like a Pirate. While … Continue reading 2014 Year in Review

Its a lute, its music, its a Mozart Hook

With Christmas only a few days away, I wanted to get in another Tech like a Pirate lesson in before the busy weekend gets here. Above is a lute that my in-laws picked up back in the mid 70s. This hung in their old house for over 25 years. I was told by my mother-in-law and wife the number of people who would enter their house and play the chords on the lute. So much that one of the strings broke and was repaired but then in early 2000, the lute was taken down and put in storage until my … Continue reading Its a lute, its music, its a Mozart Hook

Top 10 Ways to Tech Like a Pirate

Starting in January, I’m kicking of “Tech Like a Pirate” where you I talk about several ways you integrate technology into your classroom while you Teach Like a Pirate. To get things kicked off, I have made a Top 10 list or in a way kind of a top 40 list to show you what Apps work the best with all the Pirate Hooks. So, let the fun begin. 1. You. Yes, you. Who knows what tech to use in their classroom the best but you the teacher. What programs do you use every day? Do you have a digital … Continue reading Top 10 Ways to Tech Like a Pirate

Tech like a Pirate with this App S’more

Ahoy, there my fellow pirates! Winter break has begun and while we get ready to celebrate the holidays and take a little bit of a rest. Soon, the New Year will be here and we will return to the classroom and board our ships to adventure. Here is a fun lesson to kick off 2015 with and it falls the SAMR Model perfectly for an App S’more. 1. Using the App, iBanner or using a flashy transition from any PowerPoint application, put the word “Mystery” in colorful or flashy letters on your main screen in your classroom. Tell your class … Continue reading Tech like a Pirate with this App S’more

Small Hope Teaser Trailer Creation across multiple Devices

Next semester, we are teaching our students how to create a project or lesson across multiple devices. Here is an App Smash/Tech Smash using Keynote on Mac, Camera App music file from PC and finishing up in iMovie on iPad to deliver a the final project. I made this one as an example for my upcoming book promotion in the spring. Warning, you might tear up. Music by The Reliques: Leaving Montgomery. Continue reading Small Hope Teaser Trailer Creation across multiple Devices

Let’s Play some DNA

When the semester starts to wrap up before winter break. We seem to focus more on finals and classroom parties but at the same time, we have to look ahead to the New Year. I woke to various sad news this morning and I was looking for some inspiration. I was looking through my Teach Like a Pirate book and I saw the Craft Hook as I opened the page. I then saw one of my art teachers busily heading towards their classroom to get ready for the finals. That’s when it hit me like a canon ball. 1. Give … Continue reading Let’s Play some DNA

Stick Around for the New Year

Hey Everyone, Did you hear? Stick Around by Tony Vincent and MorrisCooke is free from December 15-16th. That’s right, this great educational App is free! If you didn’t know, Stick Around is my favorite App, I love using it to create puzzles, blue prints, mind maps and more. The App was sadly overlooked as one of the best Apps for 2014 but that doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best Apps for 2015 and I’m here today to give you a few ideas to use it in your classroom from SAMR to Teach Like a Pirate. 1. Firing … Continue reading Stick Around for the New Year