Where did the top of the Christmas Tree Go SAMR Story


Hey Everyone,

I hate to say it but I have had a lot of things taken from me lately. I had the top of my mini Christmas Tree, just the top, not the tree. I had a set of eight copies of my book ordered and then cancelled and then I had the magnets from the back of my van stolen when I was grocery shopping. While I don’t find any of it the least bit funny over these people who think its funny to take something away from someone in small pieces. I decided to channel this into a SAMR App S’more.

1. Students will take a picture of a Christmas Tree missing its top and using Screen Chomp create a set of screen casts on what they think happened to the top of the tree.

2. The students will then post the links to their Screen Chomps to a Google Spreadsheet for the classroom for the rest of the class to review.

3. They will then go to their classroom Google+ Page and share their stories with another classroom on Google+ where the other students will give their ideas on what they think happen to the top of the Christmas Tree.

4. Finally, students will create a story based off the ideas and screen casts of the rest of the students both in their classroom on Google+ into an Adobe Voice story.

Great way to create a type of collaboration story to enjoy this holiday season.


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