A lot to be Thankful for this Year

Above is the video my wife took of me receiving the print proof of my book, My Life as a Comic Book Reader. Seeing the book in my hands reminded me of how far I’ve come but more importantly what to be thankful in my life. When the book was first outlined in the spring of 2008 I was coming off a very, very dark time in my life. I had seen a two year relationship come to a horrible end, I lost my job, I was saddled with a large amount of debt that has only now started to settle down and three of my guinea pigs passed away at the same time. I faced very hard times and I was so angry about what was happening to me I didn’t understand why this was happening. However, in those moments my book was created, the experiences lead me to a different job and I met my wife and my son was born two and a half years later and I entered the world of education during those days. Those days showed me that even though there are dark days, better days are ahead and I am thankful for what I have accomplished and who was there for me during those times.
I have to admit, this year hasn’t been the best either, my wife lost her job after seven years, I faced surgery that was pretty scary, debt decided to come back again and other problems seem to plague me both personally and professionally as the year rolled on by. But once again it showed me I had a lot to be thankful for what I had. With the amazing friendships I have made with the education community that have reawaken my inspiration for teaching and technology integration I am very thankful for everyone here. Both online, in the Twitterverse, and professional you are all wonderful educators and friends that do an amazing job each and every day. I am very thankful you are all in my life and have been there to encourage me when I have felt at my lowest. I wanted to share that today. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and an incredible weekend.


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