What can you fit with this App S’more?


Its always funny when you are going through your thumb drives when you get hit by some inspiration. I was actually asked by some students what can be fit on various thumb and flash drives. In doing so, I opened up my App S’more folder and started scanning and as the above sketch note reveals I came up with a great little lesson.

1. Record a screen cast on Screen Chomp on how a thumb drive works and post the link to a Google Doc for the class through either Google Drive or Google Classroom, which ever you use.

2. Add the Google Doc link to a Thinglink from a picture of the various thumbdrives and post a few video links on saving correctly to a thumb drive.

3. Have students then create a Stick Around Puzzle based on the various sizes of the thumb drives and then add a direct link to a video from Thinglink that matches the size and proper way to save and use the thumb drive.

This teaches proper care, use and storage size for a thumb drive. Give it a try today and make a yummy App S’more for learning.


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