The Augmented Lego Journey


In the final closing days of Tech Smash the Lego Classroom, its time to add a little augmenting to your classroom Legos. I have a few here that work great with all augmented Apps and resources.

1. Go simple with QR Codes around various themes on a built Lego set. I was watching a western the other day and I thought it would be great if a Western Boom Town was set up to be a type of QR Scavenger hunt. Students scan various QR Codes within the set and have to answer questions or search out areas that are missing parts and then build the needed pieces.

2. Want to make your own travel show? Use Aurasma to tag various locations around your Lego set. If its a train set, have it where the trains, people or places trigger videos, tellagamis or chatterbox about locations, what people do or how engines work. There are several videos that explain how steam, diesel and oil engines work that you can download or make them triggers using Aurasma.

3. Love anatomy? Create your own Anatomy Lego sets and then attach trigger pages such as Anatomy 4d to them and have students go through the various parts of the human body and then build those areas or circulatory systems with Legos afterwards.

4. Use Sky Map and start build your own Lego Star Map. Its currently November, what stars are in the sky? What astrological bodies are in what position? Look up and then look down and create.

These are only a few Augment Apps and Resources you can use with your Lego Classroom. Give it a try today.


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