Yummy Lego Math Waffles


As I wrap up Tech Smashing the Lego Classroom this week, today’s lesson came to me thanks to my son. I made waffles on Saturday for the family and he took a couple of the pieces and started trying to put them together and then counted the grids to make sure they were even. Of course, that game me a great idea for a great way to teach math with Legos.

1. Set up your math lesson with Legos, either for addition, subtraction, fractions etc on your Lego grid.

2. Next have students find a picture of a waffle, this can come from any free website course. I do recommend the Noun Project for this.

3. Next teach the lesson with the Legos and have students try and solve the problems.

4. Have the students import their images to their devices or desktop computers and using an annotating tool to find the answers according to the grids on the waffle. You can also have them use an App like Explain Everything or Pic Collage to create a screencast or interactive paperless answer key to solve each problem.

5. Finally, have the students create their own math lessons using their waffles and then have other students try to solve them using the Legos.

Its fun, simple and full of yummy learning.Enjoy.


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