Secret Lego Mission


Shh…. can you keep a secret? I have a way to use Legos, secret messages and QR Codes together. Are you ready?

1. Set up a Lego Set that has various objects specifically design to look like objects in your room or school.

2. When students figure out the clues they head to those objects where they will find a QR Code to Scan. Once they scan they either get an image that shows a letter or a Voice Note giving them a clue. Students can write these down or download the images.

3. Once all clues have been deciphered. Students are given a final clue by their teacher on the secret message. Once students have it figured out they will turn it in.

4. Students then take the same message and recreate it another class by first building the Lego clues, then the QR codes and then handing it off to another classroom.

5. The next class then has to figure out the Secret Lego Message.

This is a great lesson that starts by being teacher lead and then moves towards student lead. Give it a try today.


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