Candle Note Sketching those Legos

The week begins again and do I have a Tech Smash the Lego Classroom you will all enjoy. A few weeks ago, my school was having their monthly display of items we might like to purchase. Something that stuck out to me was what was called Candle Magic. It is an LED candle that is made out of real wax that changes colors with a touch of the button or can be set to random. Of course, when I saw this candle I wanted to create a great Teach Like a Pirate lesson through it and just a few days ago it finally hit me thanks to Miami Device.

1. The Candle Magic runs for about $20 or $12 on discount for educators. Set it up in the classroom and set it to color change in 15 second intervals.

2. Next have students open up a sketch note App like Notability. The students have to create a sketch note of what they picture when the candle changes color. What do they feel or think when it changes purple? What about red? What does blue make them think of? Do this for at least a good 15 minutes to have students create with their sketch notes.

3. Now, the students have to transfer what they made on their sketch note to Legos. They have to build from their notes. This might end up being a building, a scene on an island or even a day at home.

4. Finally, they create a full report on what they made, why they created it do to the color changes of the candle and the process of going from inspiration, to notes to building the final product.

Give it a try today.


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