Educlip the Lego Building Status


Do you use Pinterest in the classroom? Have you heard of Educlipper? If you answered yes to both of these questions then I have a Tech Smash the Lego Classroom for you. One thing we educators love about Pinterest is being able to pin and share our classroom or lesson plans with everyone and build from them for student achievement. Of course, despite the common use of Pinterest, its not always allowed on a school network. With Educlipper, we have the best of Pinterest put together in an educational environment where the students themselves can “clip” resources and more that aligned with common core and learning styles in one place. So, how does this work for this amazing Lego Classroom Project?

1. Times change, so do businesses and places. Is there a department store that now stands where ten years ago there was an empty field? Has a private business survived for over thirty years even during tough economic times? Clip historical references about businesses that succeeded, ones that changed and others that sadly fell apart during the times. This can be anything from local businesses to chains.

2. Next, clip some Lego Classroom creation projects that focus around these economic lessons on your board and share with your students.

3. Explain to the students that they will be doing a project where they have to build their own businesses out of Legos and will have to do a presentation on their business and explain their history from their founding and if they continued to succeed or sadly failed years later. They have to build the business during these stages in Legos.

4. The students then go to their Educlipper and start clipping their resources for their project over the next week.

5. Students then build their Lego businesses in each stage but they can do it a number of ways. They can:

A. Build each stage of their business and then take pictures of it in each stage and then use Google Presentations, Keynote, PowerPoint or Prezi to explain the rise and possible fall of their business.

B. They can build a full model and do a classic presentation to display for their class.

C. They can create a movie presentation like an old 30s movie about their business.

D. They can partner with another student and have one do a speech on the business while the other acts out the rise and fall of their business with Legos.

The project should take a full two weeks to complete but its a great way to teach students about economics, business and finances and local history. Give it a try today and Tech Smash the Lego Classroom.


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