Explain Everything and Bridge that Lego Math


Hi Everyone,

I’m recovering from the flu and while I type up my blog entries at home, this cold did not allow me to get anything taken care of for the full week. However, with myself 85% back to normal, I did think up a simple and yet very usual Tech Smash for the Lego Classroom. Its so simple and you can do it in your classroom starting today.

1. Get your Legos together for your math lessons. This can be anything from fractions to simple addition/subtraction.

2. Have students take their devices and go Pattern Shapes by Math Learning Center. I love this App not only because it works both on mobile and desktop and you can create squares and shapes that are similar to Legos.

3. Create your lesson or activity using the Legos on your end. Then on the student’s end have them complete the problem using Pattern Shapes.

4. Next, have your students create several Lego Pieces in Pattern Shapes and then snap shot the screen to save it to their camera rolls or desktop.

5. If you are mobile, assign a lesson where they have to complete a math lesson using Explain Everything to show their work as they solve each problem in screen casts to be uploaded to either Google Drive/Classroom, Email, ect.

6. You can also use Educreations instead of Explain Everything and then send the link directly the to teacher.

This offers a flip lesson using screen casting and moving from physical lessons to digital lessons with your Lego Classroom. Give it a try.


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