The Tech Smash Lego Settlement Project


This past weekend I was attending EdCamp Chicago and I was introduced to the 3Doodler. A pen that works like a 3D printer. This item is great for Maker Spaces and projects, while I was going over over a dozen ideas how to use this with our classroom lessons I didn’t have to look much farther than a lobby area. We are working on our early settlement dioramas, most notably Native Americans. One student decided to build once out of Legos and that’s when my new Tech Smash the Lego Classroom came into play.

1. Much like the Lego diorama, have students build a Lego diorama of early settlers and their environments.

2. Now, with the 3Doodler, have those students recreate those same dioramas with the 3D creation. Have them build character and objects based on the Lego creation.

3. Have students do a comparison/contrast on the two. What was better? What was worse? What allowed them to have more freedom with their creations and what did they learn?

4. Another way is to create a stop motion movie on the creation of the settlement. Use Legos but film the set up like real settlers coming into the area and setting up shop. Add in music, green screen or sound effects and then turn in for a final project.

Give it a try today.


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