Where did the top of the Christmas Tree Go SAMR Story

Hey Everyone, I hate to say it but I have had a lot of things taken from me lately. I had the top of my mini Christmas Tree, just the top, not the tree. I had a set of eight copies of my book ordered and then cancelled and then I had the magnets from the back of my van stolen when I was grocery shopping. While I don’t find any of it the least bit funny over these people who think its funny to take something away from someone in small pieces. I decided to channel this into a … Continue reading Where did the top of the Christmas Tree Go SAMR Story

My Life as a Comic Book Reader is now On Sale

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this year, I know I spent a great day with my family. I have a lot to be thankful for this year and I have great news. My book is now on sale. Yes you can head right over to Amazon and order it today. This has been a six and a half journey and to see the book finally be published is just an amazing accomplishment. I want to thank everyone who has supported this book since its beginnings in person, online and on Kickstarter. Please share the word, its my first … Continue reading My Life as a Comic Book Reader is now On Sale

A lot to be Thankful for this Year

Above is the video my wife took of me receiving the print proof of my book, My Life as a Comic Book Reader. Seeing the book in my hands reminded me of how far I’ve come but more importantly what to be thankful in my life. When the book was first outlined in the spring of 2008 I was coming off a very, very dark time in my life. I had seen a two year relationship come to a horrible end, I lost my job, I was saddled with a large amount of debt that has only now started to … Continue reading A lot to be Thankful for this Year

What can you fit with this App S’more?

Its always funny when you are going through your thumb drives when you get hit by some inspiration. I was actually asked by some students what can be fit on various thumb and flash drives. In doing so, I opened up my App S’more folder and started scanning and as the above sketch note reveals I came up with a great little lesson. 1. Record a screen cast on Screen Chomp on how a thumb drive works and post the link to a Google Doc for the class through either Google Drive or Google Classroom, which ever you use. 2. … Continue reading What can you fit with this App S’more?

What are you thankful for with a Lego Turkey

Wrapping up the Tech Smash the Lego Classroom, I put together a spin on a classic Turkey project that has been going around lately using Chatterpix and add in some QR Codes, Stick Around and Aurasma to it. 1. Have students create their turkeys from Legos. 2. Have students film a video using Chatterpix about what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving. 3. Have students create a Stick Around Puzzle on Thanksgiving to share with their classmates and upload it to Google Drive, Box or Dropbox. 4. Upload the Chatterpix video to Aurasma and make their turkey the target image … Continue reading What are you thankful for with a Lego Turkey

The Super App Dice Challenge

Many people have loved my App Dice and their designs and starting today as we move towards the Holidays I am submitting the Super App Dice Challenge. Head over to this website and download one of the amazing templates and create your App Dice. I know these shapes all work and I will be making a few in my spare time over the next month including my Super Star App Dice. It doesn’t matter what platform or ecosystem you use. The point of App Dice is to create a new type of learning in the classroom from Professional Development to … Continue reading The Super App Dice Challenge